Melbourne Diaries-Part1-Victoria Market

Yay! I am currently in the most liveable city of the world MELBOURNE!!

Must say its very well deserved recognition for 5 times in a row! 

If you are as curious as I was on ,what makes Melbourne the best city to live.. it is not just the people but the wonderful planning and administration of this city, which makes it the best city of the world.

I have never seen so much planning go into a city.You get a tram as soon as you get down a train, if you need a bus, it sure stops at a walkable distance from station.. very well planned, well maintained clean and green all you need and want your city to be..

Here I begin blogging about this amazing place, with one of the heartbeats of Melbourne.. 

Victoria Market

 It is also called as Vic market or Queen Vic market and it is one of the best place to get everything to get your kitchen going.Its your daily dose of freshness.. your vegetables, fruits, meat, bread and it and you get it.

Not just for locals, this place is one of the favorites with the tourists as well to get all those tokens and souvenirs for all folks back home.

One of the most beautiful things about this magical place is,that it transforms into an electrifying junction of fun, food and frolic, once the summer and winter night markets begin.May be that is what has kept it going, since it was founded in 1878.. Amazing place with equally amazing history..!

Currently winter night market is full on.It began on June 3 and it will end on Aug 26 2015. This will give way to the weekly markets.I also happened to visit the Summer Night market, last season and must say it was conducted with the same fervor.

From open cinema to plays,jam sessions to some serious food, you could see the city come alive.

From vegan to meat lovers, dairy to oriental,Indian to Chinese, Mexican to Lebanese.It had something for everyone to dig in.

From handmade soaps to clothing,from wine to cheese, you had something to get bowled over.

For every foodie it is the place to be.. 🙂 🙂

This market has also featured in one of the rounds of Masterchef Australia in Season 6 for a team challenge.

If you have got shopping on your mind, this is the place to be!

For your reference:

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Trading Hours

ProduceSpecialty Shopping

Lower Market

A & B Sheds                                       Upper Market

Tuesday & Thursday6am – 2pm8am – 2pm

Friday*                        6am – 5pm8am – 3pm

Saturday*                6am – 3pm8am – 3pm

Sunday*                        9am – 4pm9am – 4pm

Closed Mondays, Wednesdays & Public Holidays

*String Bean Alley Open

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